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Board Positions and Duties


  • Plan and attend monthly PTO meetings at Way

  • Attend/appoint someone to attend monthly PTOC meetings  (all district PTOs and school district leadership)

  • Weekly email updates

  • Ensure all committee positions are filled

  • Manage PTO email inbox

  • Communication to staff regarding PTO events


President-Elect (PTO President for the following school year)

  • Will assist and attend monthly PTO meetings

  • Assist current PTO president with any additional tasks

  • Perform the duties of the president in the absence of the office


Recording Secretary

  • Attend and document decisions made during monthly PTO meetings



  • Collect all dues and receive all monies regarding the organization

  • Report monthly updated finances during PTO meetings

  • Reimbursements and expenses shall be paid out in a timely manner


All boards will work together in accordance to the bylaws and assist each other as needed. 


PTO website, Facebook, and other social media accounts are updated and used at the discretion of the board.

*If you, or anyone you know, is interested in any of the above positions for 2024-2025, please email

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